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Located in Evans Mill, New York, Greystone Quarries, Inc. is the sole quarry and producer of both, Alverson Limestone®, and North Country Quartzite™,  two of The Thousand Island's finest stones.  Below you will find a short summary on who we are and what we can offer.  Please also feel free to browse our large inventory and project photo gallery.

A birds eye view of our Alverson Limestone Quarry operation.

Alverson Limestone® is a blue-gray to tan colored dolomite limestone.  We quarry, cut, and sort this limestone to various grades for use in various applications.  Available as Random Irregular (Mosaic), Ashlar Strip, and Ashlar Block (Square/Rectangular) cuts for full-thickness architectural building construction, or as Adhered Thin Stone Veneer for those jobs without a footer or ledge.  Alverson Limestone is also available for many hardscape projects, such as Thin, Regular, and Heavy Wallstone, Irregular Flagstone for walkways or patios, and as Armour Rock, Boulders, and Castle Step Slabs for those larger landscape projects.  This material in most cases is available either Bulk or Palletized to suit your needs.

Alverson Limestone® Building Stone (Architectural)

Ashlar Strips Irregular (Rubble Mosaic) Ashlar Blocks
Application: Building Stone
Shape: Machine Cut Random Ashlar (Rectangles with general longer lengths than rise) 
3" to 10" High
4" to 24" Long
4"-6" Thick
Coverage: 30-35 sq.ft./ton 
Application: Building Stone
Shape: Random Irregular (Mosaic) 
1/3 to 2 sq.ft. Face Area +/-
3"-6" Thick
Coverage: 30-35 sq.ft./ton 
Application: Building Stone
Shape: Machine Cut Random Ashlar (Rectangles with greater rise than Ashlar Strips) 
6" to 14" High
6" to 24" Long
4"-6" Thick
Coverage: 30-35 sq.ft./ton 

Geological Class: Dolomite Limestone ASTM Spec

Absorption ASTM C97 - 0.34%
Density ASTM C97 - 170.2 lbs./cu.ft.
Compressive Strength ASTM 170
   Wet condition - perpendicular to rift - 25,020 PSI
   Wet condition - parallel to rift - 17,770 PSI
   Dry condition - perpendicular to rift - 31,420 PSI
   Dry condition - parallel to rift - 21,050 PSI
Modulus of Rupture ASTM C99
   Wet condition - perpendicular to rift - 2,640 PSI
   Dry condition - perpendicular to rift - 3,340 PSI

Product Notes: 
Alverson Limestone® and North Country™ are registered and a trademark of Greystone Quarries, Inc.

"Natural Stone" is a relatively hard, naturally formed mineral or petrified matter, produced by nature.  Therefore, considerable variations including, but not limited to, color, texture, size, and cleft will occur in all natural stone. Samples, sample panels, brochures, and photographs may be, in some measure, different from the stone you actually receive.  Laboratory test, if conducted, are performed on small samples and cannot be totally accurate because of the limited scale of the tests.  Please be sure that all involved parties are aware of these facts, so an informed decision can be made regarding Natural Stone.

Colors may vary slightly.  Colors may be enhanced or changed by surface moisture as after a rainfall or by early morning dew.

Acid or other chemical cleaners are not recommended for this product.


"1000 Islands Finest Natural Stone"
New York Alverson Limestone® & North Country Quartzite™